in  the media

El Confidencial cites my Quartz article “The Cognitive Trick That Elite Athletes Use to Achieve Seemingly Impossible Goals.”

Los Angeles Times refers to my Washington Post article “New Neuroscience Research Helps Explain Our Growing Attraction to Spiritual Retreats.”

Fortune editor, Ellen McGirt cites my New York Magazine article “How ‘Intellectual Humility’ Can Make You a Better Person.”

Slate mentions my Washington Post piece “Your Child is Not Your Confidant.”

Psychology Today writer, Lauren Fritzsky cites my Quartz article “Should I Travel Internationally With My Young Children?”

Everyday Family writes “Cindy Lamothe, a specialist to The Washington Post, recently described why she feels that every woman should receive automatic therapy during pregnancy.”

The Writes of Woman included my essay “Fireworks in June” as part of their Best Reads.