in  the media

I was quoted in the March Print Issue of Writer’s Digest about my Tiny Love Story in The New York Times. (2024)

Encouragementology on Apple Podcasts cites my Healthline article “How to Recognize Coercive Control.” (2022)

The Atlantic featured my article “When Kids Have to Act Like Parents, It Affects Them For Life,” in One Story to Read Today, a newsletter in which editors recommend a single must-read from The Atlantic. (2022)

In their episode “Meme me up baby,” The Space on Apple Podcasts links to my Shondaland article “The Benefits of Laughing at Yourself, According to Science.” (2022)

METRO writer, Michele Theil, cites my article from The Atlantic “When Kids Have to Act Like Parents, It Affects Them For Life.” (2022)

In their award-winning True Crime docuseries “Something Was Wrong,”Apple Podcasts references my Healthline article “How to Recognize Coercive Control.” (2021)

The Reflector cites my Healthline article “Talk It Out: Communication 101 for Couples.” (2021)

Huffpost Italy cited my Vogue article “The Daily Journal Prompts That Helped Me Curb Anxious Feelings.” (2021)

Wikipedia cited my BBC article in “Generation Z” (reference 21.) (2021)

LinkedIn featured my New York Times article and included it in their Get Hired Newsletter. (2020)

The New York Times featured my article “How to Cope When Everything Keeps Changing” in their Smarter Living Newsletter. (2020)

Business Record included my article “Why You Should Try to Be a Little More Scarce” in their list “The best reads of 2019, according to our readers.” (2020)

PBS Vertical ‘Rewire’ cites my article on parentification. (2019)

The Atlantic writer, Ashley Fetters, cites my article “When Kids Have to Act Like Parents, It Affects Them For Life.” (2019)

Fortune editor cited my New York Magazine article in their column about Women’s History Month. (2019)

Fortune quotes my New York Magazine article “How ‘Intellectual Humility’ Can Make You a Better Person,” in their daily raceAhead column. (2018)

Quartz writer, Lila MacLellan, cites my article “Want Your Children to Grow into More Empathetic Adults? Travel With Them.” (2018)

Harvard Health Blog linked to my story “When Kids Have to Act Like Parents, It Affects Them For Life.” (2017)

BBC World Service interviewed me in “Mexico’s Strongest Quake in Century Strikes Off Southern Coast.” (2017)

El Confidencial cites my Quartz article “The Cognitive Trick That Elite Athletes Use to Achieve Seemingly Impossible Goals.” (2017)

Los Angeles Times refers to my Washington Post article “New Neuroscience Research Helps Explain Our Growing Attraction to Spiritual Retreats.” (2017)

Fortune editor, Ellen McGirt cites my New York Magazine article “How ‘Intellectual Humility’ Can Make You a Better Person.” (2017)

Slate mentions my Washington Post piece “Your Child is Not Your Confidant.” (2017)

Psychology Today writer, Lauren Fritzsky cites my Quartz article “Should I Travel Internationally With My Young Children?” (2016)

Everyday Family writes “Cindy Lamothe, a specialist to The Washington Post, recently described why she feels that every woman should receive automatic therapy during pregnancy.” (2016)

The Writes of Woman included my essay “Fireworks in June” as part of their Best Reads. (2014)

books (where my work is cited)

Body Neutral: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Body Image Issues by Jessi Kneeland (2023)

Brain Plasticity and Learning by Jennifer Anne Hawkins (2021)

Everyday Violence: The Public Harassment of Women and LGBTQ People by Simone Kolysh (2021)

Shameless Sociology: Critical Perspectives on a Popular Television Series by Jennifer Beggs Weber & Pamela M. Hunt (2020)

In Their Shoes: Helping Parents Better Understand and Connect With Children of Divorce by Lauren Reitsema (2019)

Cringeworthy: How to Make the Most of Uncomfortable Situations by Melissa Dahl (2018)

Summary of Benedict Carey’s How We Learn by Milkyway Media (2018)